Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rediscovering Oil Paints

I started learning to paint with oil colors years ago, and though I did mainly landscapes and still life paintings back then (it was around 14 years ago), I did love using them.  There were a few years when I stopped painting and mainly focused on creating with glass, but when I started learning about mixed media and painting again, it was with mainly acrylics.

In this workshop I have been taking (Misty Mawn's Face to Face) we have explored many, different art mediums.  I have learned so much and have enjoyed it tremendously!   In week 5, we explored (among other things) oil paints and I had the opportunity to dig out my oil painting gear and paints.  Oh how I loved it too! Some of my paints had dried up in their tubes, but many were still fine to use, especially with the addition of a little linseed oil to what I managed to squeeze out of the tubes.

Here's what I managed to paint from that lesson.  She started out this way with a dark background and painting in the medium and lighter areas from there:

After the next session where I started adding in more flesh tones and her hair color, she looked like this:

And the final is here with the color of her dress and lace detail, her hair toned down, and added shading and more subtle flesh tones on her face and an earring:

I re-discovered that with oils, you have to let them dry some in between layers, in order to get more subtle details.  I thoroughly enjoyed doing this one though.  There were more assignments for this lesson, which I am going back to this week since I hadn't had time to do more that week (due to flu and teeth extractions, etc.  Ugh - a difficult week!). 

What I learned was that I do LOVE working in oils and having the ability to do more subtle blending of details and shading.  It was the first time I had done any portraits in oils, and it is a wonderful medium to use for this!

Thanks for your interest!  This painting will be offered soon in my Etsy shop.  She needed more time for the paint to dry.  As always, I welcome your comments and feedback. 



Monica said...

Looks like it is going to be a delightful and productive reunion!

Janet Ghio said...

Amazing! I'm glad to see the progression that I didn't get to see on FB.

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

How delightful - both of them. Isn't it fun to see the progress you have made with this class. Oils! I adore them. I switched to acrylics when I came here, and in fact just sold about 75 hardly opened tubes of oils this morning which I have brought with me. Now I wonder - perhaps I should not have done it! I know I'll never replace them at the cost these days. Ah Well -- really have enjoyed seeing what you've been up to in this class and glad you are having so much fun.. xoxodonna

M said...

It's absolutely gorgeous. I'd never have guessed it was done with oil paints. You continue to amaze me.

Lori Wostl said...

Oh Arlene this is delightful. I'm glad you are starting to fill up your own space - just because you say so. I don't come over here enough. I'll do better. Thanks for sharing with us. Lori W at Art Camp for Women

Indigene Theresa said...

Wonderful portrait! I used to love oils so much; but with allergies, not enough ventilation and the smell, I couldn't keep it up. There's so much satisfaction in completing a portrait, it feels like you've created an individual...:) Keep up the great work!

Erika Nittel-Traser said...

Such a joy to see your face in progress. Thank you for sharing this wonderful painting.