Thursday, September 26, 2013

Let's Dance With Our Dreams

   A quick post since I have already written a longer one yesterday (earlier today actually since it is only after 11 pm now).  I wanted to mention that I am teaching in my first ever online workshop: Click here to visit Skye Stone Dreams.   

I must admit I am excited and also a bit nervous about it.  It's not that I have never taught before, because I have!  In person.  I taught many, many students when I was doing stained glass art years ago.  Then I taught students how to paint when I worked at Michael's crafts last year as a fine arts instructor.  Of course I have taught my grand-daughters a lot about art and painting and drawing. Loved that!

I am so honored and excited, though,  to have been asked to teach in this almost year-long online workshop all about dreams and connecting dream images with art and creativity.  I love the subject matter - who isn't fascinated by dreams?!  They have always intrigued me, and I have so often written down my dream symbols and looked them up, trying to understand what the message was in them.

   One of my painting tutorials in the workshop will be about dream animal guides, which means to me totem animals.  I have been totally taken with these animals which have come to share lessons with me.  It has happened in night time dreams but more so in "waking dreams", i.e. meditations or shamanic journeys.  Animals have so much wisdom to share if we only listen and learn from them.  I will teach an easy way to paint your totem animal for those who feel they don't have the drawing skills necessary to create a realistic looking animal.  

Then I will also teach another way to create an intuitive background out of which we will "find" our totem animals.  This will be a fun way to create - it's always such an adventure to create this way and a joy to see them just "appear" on the page with lessons for us.

I will prepare some additional printed downloadable material on the supplies we will use, as well as a bit of information about totem animals and how to recognize yours.

Later on it the year, I will teach another lesson about how to create in images some of what we dream about perhaps with recurring dream symbols and images or a specific one that stands out for you.  What an adventure we'll have uncovering some of these symbols together!

There will be 10 other fabulous instructors who will be bringing some of their talent and creativity to you.  In fact, I am humbled and honored to be teaching with them! I myself can't wait to participate in their portions of the lessons in this workshop.

Well, I promised that this would be a short post and it is verging on being a long one, so I will end here.  If you are interested in learning more about the workshop, please check it out using the link above or click on the picture over on the right sidebar.  It will take you there using my affiliate link so that if you should decide to take the class, I will get credit for it.  I would really appreciate it, if you choose to do that. 

Thanks so much for reading this far.. I'd love to work with you soon! Please feel free to post comments or questions below. 

Oh!  One more important thing!!!  I will be giving away a free spot in this workshop!  How exciting is that?!  You have until the workshop begins on October 4th. 

If you post a comment below, you will be entered into the drawing for the workshop.  Tell me why you would love to take part in it, and which lesson or instructor interests you the most?

Please also leave me a way to contact you (an email address) especially if we are not yet friends on Facebook.

Here is a video about the workshop introducing you to the instructors and their artwork.



Bev said...

oh wow thanks for having a giveaway im in lol and i wish u well with your new class Arlene , u have a good line up of artists ...
hugz bev

carlanda brown williamson said...

oh arlene, i would love to win this class and learn animal totems. thank you for a generous giveaway!! my fingers are crossed. carlanda

Jill Marie said...

Arlene I am so excited for you and this class sounds so fantastic!!!! I just can't stop smiling :)

Melissa Dowling said...

Arlene I would be super excited to win a spot in this workshop!! Your class on totem animals & their meanings & lessons for us fascinates me. Thanks for the opportunity. Cheers, Melissa

Melissa Dowling said...

Arlene I would be super excited to win a spot in this workshop!! Your class on totem animals & their meanings & lessons for us fascinates me. Thanks for the opportunity. Cheers, Melissa

Lori Wostl said...

YAY Arlene! I knew you were in here somewhere. The cocoon time just is what it is and then there you are!

Rita A. said...

Wow. So much going on for you. I love how you are doing the animals and hope maybe I can learn that too.

Prerna Poojara said...

Yay. I am so exited for you and Amy and a whole lot of teachers who are teaching here. Love the line up of gorgeous arty souls. And I am so sure its going to be an absolute delight.


Prerna Poojara said...

I am so glad and exited for the lovely line up of gorgeous arty souls. I love all of you. I cant choose one. I have already taken classes from some but I have been long distance admirer and friend on some closed groups with the others. So its an absolute treat.

Susan Goodell said...

How exciting, Arlene, that you will be teaching in this workshop. This looks like so much fun, with lots of new instructors that I haven't had the pleasure to meet or create with. Thanks for the opportunity at winning a spot. Exploring art through dreams sounds like a fascinating topic.